Tips for watering the lawn in summer season

stock-photo-landscape-of-irrigation-garden-lawn-sprinkler-spraying-water-over-green-grass-irrigation-system-133096526It is commonly said that the grass is always found to be greener on the other side. Keeping aside the meaning of this quote, let us think about the real grass or the lawns that is spread around your home. Are you worried about maintaining the fresh green lawn turfs that you have recently placed? It is sometimes difficult to maintain the lush green turfs for a longer time. This is found to be a common problem during the summer season. The main two things that have to be thought about in this season are that the plants and the grass should not go dry or you should not focus on the them so much that you land up wasting a lot of water. Let us see a few important tips that will help you water your lawns appropriately.

  1. Avoid Overwatering: People think that watering the plants means that you can pour in a lot of water that will get absorbed later. This same concept is applied to the lawns as well. But, people rarely understand that overwatering is not good for plant health. If the green lawns are overwatered, the grass begins to look more yellow and pale.
  2. Make use of sprinklers: Sprinklers are the best way you can water plants. If the sprinklers are fixed into the lawns, you can adjust them in such a way that they would move around watering only parts up till where the grass is. This will prevent the surrounding wall or a passage from getting wet and thus prevent wastage of water.
  3. Early morning or Late Night Watering: Late mornings or afternoons are the worst times when you would water plants. During the summer season, it is during these times that the sun is right up and smiling bright. Thus, all the water that we may think is going to the plants may actually get absorbed due to the heat in the surroundings. This proves that watering the plants in the late evenings will give them enough time to absorb the water until the sun rises in the morning. You could also prefer watering plants early in the morning before the sun is bright.

wateringIt is important to save water while you are planning to maintain your garden as well. Although you may fix sprinklers to water your green lawn turfs, you can also think of an alternative to make use of this water in some useful way and later it could drip down into the garden. You can simply get your car washed there or allow your kids to have a cool water splash out in the garden. This will either make you use the water efficiently and flush it off into the grass or allow your children to enjoy the cool waters during summer. It is up to each one of us to select the best method that would suit us. After all, all that we want to do is make our grass look greener without wasting much water!


Important tips to get a lush green lawn

stock-photo-relaxing-point-in-the-norwegian-fjords-74423167The first thing that a neighbor or a visitor would first observe about your home would be the lush green lawn at the entrance. We cannot deny the fact that it is the lawn that gives a home a better look. Many people are now searching for good lawn supplierswho would supply high quality lawn turfs that last longer without much maintenance. We usually fail to understand that even high quality lawns would require a certain amount of maintenance. There are a few important tips that would help one maintain a lush green lawn.

  1. Adequate and Regular watering of the Lawn:stock-photo-landscape-of-irrigation-garden-lawn-sprinkler-spraying-water-over-green-grass-irrigation-system-133096526

The most important thing that a lawn turf would need to keep afresh would be water. It is important to water the lawns regularly and for an enough time period. It is best to water the lawns during the mornings i.e. between 5am and 10am. A proper irrigation system with a timer that would schedule the time of watering and also state the amount of water needed will be the best solution for this.

  1. Trimming of Grass:

It is found that the grass is at its healthiest when it is 2.5 inches or 3.5 inches in height. If left uncut for a longer period of time, it increases the chances for growing weeds, pests and diseases to occur. If you wish to avoid these problems, it is best to cut the grass regularly. This will leave it fresh and green and yes, impress your guests too!

  1. Fertilize the Lawns:

stock-photo-preparing-to-fertilize-lawn-in-back-yard-in-spring-time-103552646Another important factor necessary for the proper growing of plants is the use of appropriate and adequate fertilizers. It is important to use the necessary kinds of fertilizers in proper amounts that will help keep the grass to remain green and healthy. The lawn turf may not remain the same as it was at the time of purchase. You would need to use fertilizers to continue the supply the necessary nutrients that it would need to grow.

Watering, Trimming and Fertilizers are the most basic maintenance tips that one would need to keep in mind to keep the lawn turf fresh. They are easy maintenance steps that you would not even need the lawn turf supplier to come and help you. Just follow these basic steps and you would be able to flaunt your lawns along with the outlook of your home.

Coco Coir – Idea Of Gardening With Less Water But Having A Better Yield

The most vital aspect of growing a healthy plant is to make a good mix of soil. The perfect soil helps the plant to grow properly and last long. Sometimes, it gets very difficult to grow plants with less water, as the soil may not hold water well. In such cases, coco coir can come to your rescue. Coco coir is an organic soil amendment that is useful in improvising the soil according to the plant needs. It is used to enhance the water holding capacity of the soil.

If you are wondering how coco coir gives you the perfect gardening experience with less water, here are some points to take note of:


  • Water retention quality: Coco coir is known for its water retention quality. It holds the water and keeps the plant hydrated. This is the reason why coco coir makes gardening a lot easier with less water.
  • Stops erosion: The top layer of the soil has maximum nutrients for the plant. When coco coir is added to the soil, it helps in holding the top layer of the soil. So, it prevents the soil from eroding. As a result, the plant gets all its nutrition from that particular soil layer.
  • Full of nutrients: Coco coir has a lot of nutrient content for the plants. So, if you are adding it to the soil, you won’t need to use other fertilizers for plant growth and health.
  • Maintaining pH level: Coco coir maintains the ideal pH level of soil, which adds to the better yield.

Coco coir can be used for pots, beds and large areas of plantations. Its water retention property makes it a unique product, especially when you need to get a better yield with limited usage of water. So, give your yield a boost with coco coir!

How to Take Care of Your Lawn During the summer (lawn turf)


Most often, your artificial turf tends to become partially dormant during the summer months, which makes it very vulnerable. If you understand certain facts on how to take care of your lawn during summer, you can enjoy the greens and even have a party cooking your BBQs in the outdoors, facing the fresh green lawn.Image

 Tips for Lawn Care in summer

  • Fertilize the lawn well in advance (mostly at the end of spring), about one month before the hottest months set in. Using fertilizer that can be released slowly and that which contains low nitrogen would prevent your synthetic turf from being burnt.
  • Watering must be done with utmost care. Since water evaporates quickly in summer, supply more water to your lawns and use methods to make it reach the roots. Also, make sure you water early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid immediate evaporation and to let the turf absorb sufficient water. Never overdo the watering. Use sprinkles if needed.
  • Mowing and watering go hand-in-hand. During summer, raise the mower blade and allow the grass to grow tall. This would prevent the soil from drying out soon, as the artificial grass shades the soil, and also helps it retain water. Just cut the grass over 1/3rd of its original length or height.
  • Use the grass clippings to recycle into your Astro turf, as this would offer good nutrition to your lawn, which will make it stay fresher and greener for a longer period of time.
  • Tackle the weeds at the very first sight. You may use spot-treatment product of weed control but ensure not to overuse it. At times, just pull out the little weeds with your hands.


ImageAbove all, the best way to care for your lawn turf is to hire a professional company to do the entire work for you and take care of your lawn with every new season.

Coco Peat – Helping Your Hydroponic Garden Grow Well

Hydroponic gardens, where you can cultivate the plants without using the soil, are becoming more and more popular among the gardener these days as this ensures a better yield from plants. Coco Peat, also known as coco coir, is perhaps the most popular substance that’s used to anchor plants roots in these types of gardens. This soil like substance is made out of coconut husk and is extremely helpful for the growth of plants.

ImageIt is the most widely used growing medium and is used with a combination of special nutrient solutions in order to ensure the maximum possible growth of the plants that are being raised in a hydroponic garden. Since this eco-friendly medium of anchoring provides smooth aeration and drainage to the roots of the plants, the plants grow naturally. Another great advantage of using coco peat is that it helps to retain moisture in the soil that’s required for the healthy growth of plants.

Being an organic product of nature, it has certain anti-fungal properties and therefore, serves to be an excellent growing medium for plants. Since it is very easy to handle, you don’t need to put too much of an effort to use it. In case you find that an excess of fertilizers have been used for the growth of the plants, you can easily drain them out. After all, flushing this medium of excess nutrients is an easy task. In fact, it is a common practice among farmers (those who use hydroponics for the growth of vegetables and fruits) to flush out all the fertilizers a fortnight before the plants will be harvested. This is important in order to ensure that the fruits or the vegetables don’t carry the taste or smell of those fertilizers. So, if you want to increase the productivity of your plants, consider using coco peat as the growing medium.